April 14, 2018


We've been gone forever!
We have lots of news.
Mommy still has failing  eyesight in her future, but everything is okay for now. Whew! She got the sight for the most part back in her left eye.
Right now we are in a blizzard. 10.1 inches so far.
In April!
The real reason we haven't been back has really nothing to do with our health (mine included). Well, they are ongoing....
We had computer problems.
We scraped up enough money to replace the dead keyboard. Finally. Found out it wasn't that hard or expensive.  Thank you, Wally's World.
But we had to make sure Mommy had enough green papers to get her insulin.
And we had an awesome miracle. Enough to buy the new keyboard AND the insulin AND a little food. AND pay April's rent. Only a little late.
Guess God decided we had enough suffering for a little while.  Thank you, thank you, God.
Of course, we have gotten word that we have to move out of here. Very soon. We need help with moving and deposits and stuff.
It feels good to have a working computer though, and some foodies and mommy's medicine.
Now we can catch up on everybody and everycat and everywoofie and just fantastic you ALL!
love ya,
Thanks for all your prayers and kind thoughts,
Bless you all, and we've got you on our prayer list, too!
lovely little sweet lady cat, Quinnie Makayla
And dear Mommy Carol.

January 18, 2018

Next Disaster

We are so sorry. Yesterday  morning Mommy lost the sight in her left eye.  So she can't help me b;og much right now.
Please pray hard for us.
Chewy sent Mommy a little paining of me, and she was surprised and delighted. She can make it out with her right eye, but it is getting bad, too. She is going to the eye doctor tomorrow.
Apologize for my typing.
Love you all. I'm putting my nursey stuff again.
Like I said, this is hard.  I have to go back to work now.
love ya,
Nursey Quinnie

January 9, 2018

Tuxie Tuesday

๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Well, still no repairs on the NEW wheelchair. One of the arms is ready to fall off. As anticipated, I guess.  One of our therapists took the foot petals off and it makes it easier to get around the apartment (and easier for Mommy to reach the microwave and toaster and the computer cause it makes the chair not jut out so far in front).
We had a visit Monday from the State Services for the Blind  They gave us two magnifiers that are better than the little one Mommy got from Amazon, and the one has a little purse thingy to put it in for when she goes somewhere.
Do you remember a while back when she had to have needles actually stuck in her eyes by a doctor? (Mommy is losing her vision slowly).
Eeww. Insulin needles are bad enough to watch go in her tummy parts. I would not like to see them in her eyes!
Mommy has two appointments (other than more therapy) this week.  So she is planning on being gone at least part of Wednesday.
And the nicest things? Temperatures here are getting WARM! It won't last, but still. Forty degrees F instead of MINUS four degrees? Bring it on!!
We have a gofundme page that hasn't worked out so far. So, if you still want to give to our fund for an electric wheelchair and better housing, please donate to PayPal on our behalf. to our regular PayPal account. Mommy even filed a report with the Better Business Bureau with the gofundme problem. It insists that we should have a cell phone (we don't right now) and be able to receive texts, refuses to do a voice call to a landline, and won't allow us to update our banking info so we have no way to get our funds.
love ya,
thank you for your lovely thoughts and prayers and sent hugs
(right back at ya),
and continued support of these two Minnesota ladies (see, I'm still being good and not calling Mommy an OLD lady),
Quinnie Makayla

January 6, 2018

We want to thank all of you nice woofies, kitties, other four footed  and two footed ones who have helped us. Our rent is paid, our insurance is paid, there are a couple of other bills coming in (Chewey is one, some prescriptions for mommy is another) that we still can't cover.
So if you can still send a little to our Paypal account, that would be appreciated. We are so horrified and embarrassed to ask.
But we love each and every one of you for helping us.
Mommy went to the bank Thursday to get a  money order to pay the rent (to make absolutely sure the payment went through) and it was sooooo cold she said she ached and she wasn't even outside that much, and had her blankie over her legs and her hat and gloves and coat on. Yesterday morning she said when she started out it was -2F. Life in Minnesota. People are complaining that we should have much more snow for that kind of temperature. Hey, leave well enough alone we say!
Since Mommy is typing this for me I decided to sneak up on her office chair. Shhhhh. Which is a big no-no. I don't think she has seen me yet. Although there is this little towel up here that is just my size....
love ya,
and God bless you all for helping us!
Quinnie Makayla.
just a funny
Thank you all again for helping us!!!!

ps. It was ONE whole degree this morning. NOT a negative. The city is rejoicing!.

January 1, 2018

Please HELP!

This is Mommy Carol. We know. We know. We've been having  a lot of problems. We're sorry. The court thing this summer threw us off and we've been messing up our check writing. They charge for that! And every time we just get farther behind.
Can anyone please spare some monies? If we could get a couple hundred green papers we would be okay. Please?? This is for rent and we could be evicted this time. We have no relatives to help us. Both the sisters are  quite ill themselves, but they have children who can help. The brother is too old and too far away dealing with his own problems. He has no children.
This is so hard to do, but we are down to real serious "poordom" with my own health and money problems. Purchasing some drugs this month is in jeopardy.
The new manual wheelchair is doing well so far.
Quinnie is being so good.
Thank you.
PLEASE help. We like being the helpers and we want to be again, but this is very scary.  Drop some monies in PayPal. Please. I am worried sick.
Right now my face is full of tears (really) and as soon as I sign off on here I will be praying very hard.
There is no New Years celebration here, only tears.

December 31, 2017

Another update, good and bad

Our computer  and Wi-Fi and phone went dead. We had to wait several days for the cable company. We couldn't use our Kindle even.
What happened??
The plug in wasn't all the way in the wall.
Mommy, even I know that was dumb!
It's after Christmas. Even I can laugh and tell everyone and not get in trouble with the BIG JOLLY GUY.
We missed Christmas on line, so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
Now for the bad news. On the 2nd, management will be in here for an inspection for bugs.  They haven't been in here for bugs for quite a while, but they say anyone who is next to someone who is in trouble will immediately be treated. That is great! But if we are the ones who are next door to the poor renters, Mommy isn't going to be home, and they don't treat apartments with the yuckie smells that have animals in them. That's when we get moved for the day. Mommy has another doctor visit that day, so she wont be home. How am I going to sit in my pto all day alone? Somebody will steal me!
And here is the good news, waited for last, didn't we.
Got my wheel chair. It's a manual, but it is much better. We'll keep waiting for the electric one!!!

Peace and love ya all!
And Stay WARM
                                                      Quinne and Mommy Carol

December 23, 2017

Christmas is Coming!

It's December 23! Yes. One more day till Christmas Eve.  Mommy forgot, when she turned in our order, to order milk.  So She had to put in a new order. It came this morning. She decided to add more to the order because if she only turned in "milk" it would cost $10 for delivery. So she ordered some salad stuff and a couple of other things, including egg nog. Which is not for me (but she ordered some sour cream which I did get a small taste of. Yummy!). The sour cream is good in some pasta recipes.
Well, anyway, Mommy got a couple pressies! A new hat and gloves. She found out the last few very cold days  she only had one glove in her coat pocket, so this was a wonderful and very needed pressie.  Then she also got a new coffee mug with a little black kitty on it! I love it. So does she.
With three doctor visits this week, Mommy has two more next week. At least. And no new wheel chair. But warm gloves to wear!! It is a manual chair, after all.
Small blessings. But sweet.
May you have small blessings coming, too. They can be the best!!!
love ya!
Quinnie Makayla.

December 19, 2017

Tuxie Tuesday

I got my first Holiday pressie. I GOT A NEW BOLT AND IT EVEN CAME WITH COFFEE FOR Mommy! And good batteries!!!!

Mommy you only have $300 overdrafts and now that your wheelchair is sort of broken, life goes on anyway.
If some more peoples will help us, we would be able to catch up with our bills and stay housed. and did you know Mommy has a go fund me page for a new electric wheel chair? Paypal for mostly me and a go fund me page for Mommy's wheelchair. The manual wheel chair place promised delivery last Friday and didn't show up, and said they would call back Monday then they said the reason it fell  apart was Mommy. And they didn't even do anything about the seat cushion And because the wheelchair flipped and hurt her. And they need another  prescription before they did anything anyway, and Mommy's doctor would have to give correct measurements. Well, they didn't measure us at the manual wheelchair place before we got this one either,
Ah, guys, Doctors are not mechanics,  isn't that a wheelchair peoples thing? Mommy missed  a Christmas party in our building already because of the wheelchair.
Oh, yeah they said they would try to deliver Wednesday. Well, Mommy has a special test scheduled for Wednesday for her heart and Mommy thinks that is more important than a maybe delivery.
And it is ChristmasTime.
So the Wheelchair company says Mommy should stop swearing (is this fair after a lot of calls about different things concerning the chair) which is something she rarely does and was not helped and was very upset.
I don't have a Chewey food delivery til Wednesday, either.
Mommy says I have been so sweet to her, coming and curling  up on her lap. Hey, I AM her nursie! I'll give laps and biscuits if that makes her feel better!!!!!!!!
Wishing for some help for Christmas, we hope none of you are going through what we are.
We will  be going to the doctor for something called the "echo" on Wednesday and the cardiac nurse on Thursday and she has other problems she is going to start taking care of again.
We wish we had a better place to live, food to eat, medicines for Mommy and  they are important gifts we really want. I do have my Bolt!!!!
Mommy and I will be back before Santa comes. Well, Santa usually skips us.
Thank you for my new BOLT friend.  I missed the old one soooo much.
For the uninformed, that is my red dot.
Oh, one other nice things happening to others? One of Mommy's relatives recently adopted an older woofie with only three legs that nobody wanted. Sweet!!!!! Go rescuers!!!!!!!
love ya!
Quinnie Makayla

December 9, 2017

Saturday Stuff

Mornin' . Another peppermint tea day for Mommy, today. And it is  a 20 degrees F day.  Hope it warms up. The last thing Mommy actually shared with me yesterday was her split pea soup. Nummy!
She says it was really funny that when she was little she hated the stuff, now it could be considered a gourmet meal around here.  There used to be a restaurant downtown that served homemade pea soup every Wednesday and she still mourns the closing of the restaurant. But the 2nd generation owners wanted to retire.
We think that one of our lovely readers was so nice to put some monies in our PayPal and we thank him for his  generosity. We still need some more just to get to a $0 balance so we won't have those overdraft charges, plus monies for our insurance and for medicines for our Mommy's prescriptions. We aren't out of foodies yet, but bills have to be paid.
Should we set up a go fund me page for the electric wheel chair Mommy so needs? What they gave her was a manual one, which helps with not falling, but we requested a pillow for the current chair and can't even get that, and Mommy's back hurts, and one-handed driving is hard when you are carrying something to drink or eat (including for ME).
Pizza is a dream for us. My Bolt is a dream for me.
Overdrafts are our nightmare. Please spare if you can.  Please?
Stay warm and healthy.
love ya,
Quinnie Makayla

December 7, 2017

Thursday's Chillie Update

We woke up early this morning and it was 17 degrees F.  Brrrrrr. Okay, this kitty actually climbed on Mommy's lap in the morning.  Forgive me, this little kitty non lap kitty needed Mommy's warmth as she drank her coffee. I slept close to her all night and that lap continued the warmth.
Time to turn up the heat.
That means Mommy is getting old. She never used to turn up the heat all winter. Now her bones need more heat.
Wait. I like more heat now, too. I'm not that old. Right???
Please think about sending us some monies. We just found out our cost of living increase this year for social security ends up to be about $6. We can never bail out at this rate.
Ahhhh. The heat came  on!!
Bye, mommy. I'm going back to bed. Fend for yourself.
love ya,