December 9, 2017

Saturday Stuff

Mornin' . Another peppermint tea day for Mommy, today. And it is  a 20 degrees F day.  Hope it warms up. The last thing Mommy actually shared with me yesterday was her split pea soup. Nummy!
She says it was really funny that when she was little she hated the stuff, now it could be considered a gourmet meal around here.  There used to be a restaurant downtown that served homemade pea soup every Wednesday and she still mourns the closing of the restaurant. But the 2nd generation owners wanted to retire.
We think that one of our lovely readers was so nice to put some monies in our PayPal and we thank him for his  generosity. We still need some more just to get to a $0 balance so we won't have those overdraft charges, plus monies for our insurance and for medicines for our Mommy's prescriptions. We aren't out of foodies yet, but bills have to be paid.
Should we set up a go fund me page for the electric wheel chair Mommy so needs? What they gave her was a manual one, which helps with not falling, but we requested a pillow for the current chair and can't even get that, and Mommy's back hurts, and one-handed driving is hard when you are carrying something to drink or eat (including for ME).
Pizza is a dream for us. My Bolt is a dream for me.
Overdrafts are our nightmare. Please spare if you can.  Please?
Stay warm and healthy.
love ya,
Quinnie Makayla

December 7, 2017

Thursday's Chillie Update

We woke up early this morning and it was 17 degrees F.  Brrrrrr. Okay, this kitty actually climbed on Mommy's lap in the morning.  Forgive me, this little kitty non lap kitty needed Mommy's warmth as she drank her coffee. I slept close to her all night and that lap continued the warmth.
Time to turn up the heat.
That means Mommy is getting old. She never used to turn up the heat all winter. Now her bones need more heat.
Wait. I like more heat now, too. I'm not that old. Right???
Please think about sending us some monies. We just found out our cost of living increase this year for social security ends up to be about $6. We can never bail out at this rate.
Ahhhh. The heat came  on!!
Bye, mommy. I'm going back to bed. Fend for yourself.
love ya,

December 6, 2017

We woke up to

love ya,
Hey it snowed last night! And it didn't even melt. Much.

PS. If anyone can donate monies to our Pay Pal account, we would appreciate it.  We still have some bills to pay this month and our social security is coming in two weeks.  We just found out our bank balance is -$50 and they charge overdraft fees of over $5 a day till the 20th. Please, please helpppp!!! if you can. We can never catch up on everything at this rate. Thank you so very much!!!

November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Quinnie, Mommy Carol and Angels brandi, Sasha, and Suki wish you all good. We thank da Lord for all good for efurryones!

November 15, 2017

Wednesday Words and Plees

We know it is a busy time of year and not efurryone has green papers to spare, but if you do, please please think about helping us and sending some to our PayPal account.  We are having a tough time right now. Not only with our foodie budget (our counselor just says go to the food shelves, but there are things they don't have, like fresh milk and fresh bread and veggies that are not half rotting and k cups for our Keurig and nutritional frozen foods and special diabetic socks and laundry pods and warm pj's and a lap robe for Mommy's wheel chair. We can't even think about getting a new Bolt laser, or renewing our Netflix or even Meals on Wheels.

look, birdies!!
 Park near where Mommy used to live.
Me?  I miss my little laser. Mommy? She needs some good AA batteries (the cheap ones sploded inside my Bolt and that's why Mommy had to throw the laser out). Our tv remote won't work without batteries currently. And Mommy needs green papers for some medicines. We wish we could help others. What we can do is pray for those who are needy like us or need some health issue help prayed for them.
We do have a huge turkey leg in the freezer for Thanksgiving. So that is covered.
Once again, please think of helping us if you can.
Love ya (always),
Quinnie and Mommy
and a special hello from Angel brandi
Take care of my Mama and my little sister!

November 6, 2017

Dear World

We pray for all the victims of hatred everywhere.


Quinnie and Carol
And Angel brandi

November 5, 2017

parting is such sweet sorrow

😿  oh, pretty laser light, you were so fun. i chased your cheery light all over this tiny apartment! to have to see Mommy throw you in the garbage was so sad.
she said the little batteries sploded inside you, and she couldn't get them all out cause one of them melted itself into you and you weren't safe any more cause Mommy couldn't get it out. you were too messy to clean up.
now what??? we don't have the green papers to replace you, sweet pretty light, now i have to be sad. goodbye sweet light.

sweet little Quinnie Makayla

November 3, 2017

Friday's Here

Mommy wasn't home much on Halloween.  She had a doctor's appointment and then had a grocery store gift card (thank you! From one of you out there!) and since it is two weeks till her check comes she decided to use it.  It wasn't much, but it got us a loaf of bread, a box of crackers and some cheese. So we had baked cheese sandwiches for dinner. Yum. She also tried the prepared Cobb salad at their salad bar. She said it was like eating weeds from a park. Wrong grocery store, but that was the one we had the gift card for.  Ooh, they have other really good stuff there. But their salads weren't.
When she woke up Wednesday she didn't feel good, so she stayed in bed a lot. We don't think it was the salad. Truly! She ached a lot and was really cold so she decided to drink some special tea (plum and then peppermint after it). It worked!
So Thursday was quiet except for the election people knocking on the door and Mommy only yelled at me once.
Now here is a secret. The chicken pecan cranberry salad offered at, yes, Domino's is scrumptious! But Mommy didn't have any coupons for that. Try the salads there. We don't even eat pizza any more. Well, if we had the green papers we probably would. But their salads are really good!
And they didn't even reimburse us for this testimony!
Hint, hint????
Love ya,
Quinnie Makayla

October 31, 2017


October 18, 2017

wednesday with quinnie

we know we haven't been around much lately. Here's an update:
mommy's physical therapy is almost done. she's getting more work done on her body with medicine and stuff. oh, and i am working hard at lowering her bloody pressure and we all know that is important.  she almost likes her chair, but this a small partment, and she is kinda clutsy with it. ii still don't like riding in it, but i am not the gorgeous raena and dezi. I do try my best when I help mommy, though.
someone is in today helping us clean, i am trying to supervise, but it is noisy in here and i don't like that. the lady also put a broom in front of my foodies and it is hard to get to. and she has taken the boards out of the shelves. i sure hope she puts them back!
and yes, my chair is gone! waaaaah!
well there is more room in the living room to play and  do zoomies..
oh, the very good news?
the windows are open today!
Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers. send moneys if you can. or pizza???

mommy might be kinda mad at me for the last comment.
love ya all,

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